Kobido Specialist Training - Module 4

Prix du module : 900 

The Kobido Specialist Module 4 is the last part of the complete Kobido Specialist training (4 Modules). It is based on the gestures, methodology and technicality used in the office by Sandrine Takumi Finch.

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  • Please ensure that you register on the correct dates. It is not possible to take this module if you have not taken Module 3 of the same curriculum.
  • You have the choice to pay a 50% deposit or full payment, using the buttons below.
  • Following this registration, you have 14 days to withdraw by informing by email at the following address: admin@takumifinch.com. Your payment will be refunded.
  • In the event that a third party organization (OPCO, FAF...) is responsible for financing the training, an additional 10% will be added to the invoice as a contribution to the cost of the administration required. By clicking on REGISTER you agree to pay these fees if applicable.