Anti-acne face massage

As lymph is responsible for managing the body's toxins, activating their circulation and elimination through wellness massagesoothes inflammation, reduces redness and prevents adult acne .


Kobido massage is capable of draining toxins by stimulating the lymphatic system. It helps to eliminate or prevent skin problems such as acne, edema or eczema, sometimes in combination with dermatological treatment.

During the kobido treatment, movements are adapted to help eliminate toxins. Draining movements are performed very gently on the face and throat, which encompass the lymphatic network. In the case ofadult acne, the skin is remodeled and kneaded in depth.Japanese facial massage helps to eliminate acne naturally through its detoxifying and purifying action.

The anti-acne facial massage offers a sensation of absolute relaxation. It soothes the anxiety and discomfort that often accompany pimples and redness, as well as bringing about a marked improvement in physical discomfort.