The benefits of kobido  

Kobido is a precious Japanese facial massage, which improves comfort and health. Reputed to be the youthful massage par excellence, the gentle rhythm and regularity of the gestures ensure a feeling of deep relaxation and bring back life to dull, tired and aged faces.

Descended from Amma, through India, China and Japan, facial massage acts deeply on the skin, circulates vital energy and blood, through a specific gesture combining gentle and tonic movements. It takes its source in the seven Kyoku Te techniques for the face. It is the most sophisticated facial massage in the world, using percussion and vibration to reach deep into the skin, muscles and bones.

Although it is appreciated worldwide for its aesthetic benefits, the objective of kobido is above all to improve the overall health of the person. Its beauty and technicality make it an exceptional Japanese art, capable of re-energizing both the body and the mind.

In Japan, the concept of beauty cannot be dissociated from that of well-being and good health.

The benefits of kobido

The health of the skin is closely related to the way we experience situations and emotions. When we radiate from within, when we are happy and accept ourselves as we are, the skin hears it and applies it to itself. It then becomes luminous, radiant, and reflects good health.

Sandrine Takumi Finch: "The face has to be totally relaxed to accept to relax the features. For example, if you are frowning out of habit or due to too much mental load, then you will need to relax that area before you can lift it, especially through meditative massage."

A kobido massage acts on all levels of the being and helps to establish a real connection with the body and the world. It allows for an inner journey while offering a pleasant feeling of lightness, both in the body and in the soul. The Japanese face massage is a bubble of oxygen that promotes deep relaxation and clarification of the mind.

Results kobido woman mirror with Master Sandrine Takumi Finch

Kobido on the physiological level:

  • Reinforces the vitality of the skin
  • Balances the vital energy
  • Harmonizes the condition of the skin
  • Circulates the blood in the vessels
  • Reduces the contour of the face
  • Fight against expression lines
  • Eliminates toxins
  • Promotes the protection and renewal of the epidermis

In order to help relieve adult acne, eczema, facial paralysis, oedema and puffiness, Sandrine Takumi Finch has developed her massage method, based on the kobido gesture, which acts more deeply on this type of problem.

Discover the training courses

"Kobido invites us to become aware of the border between the outside and the inside of ourselves.

Choose your training well.

Theoretically, one could do without explanations and connect entirely to the instinctive pleasure of massaging. This is enough when you massage your family and friends in the private and personal sphere.

But it is unthinkable and incorrect to believe that one can start a professional wellness massage activity, and even more so in such an unusual technique of Japanese face massage after only a few days of training, or by watching a few videos on the internet!

Kobido is the most natural solution to preserve your health and beauty. A massage that is constantly evolving on each face, since it adapts to the problems encountered at the time.

Surgery does not offer this natural lifting effect, unlike kobido, which is a practice to integrate into one's daily life. "You have to do it often, it is part of a healthy lifestyle. The face lives, it is subject to gravity, to the environment, to heredity. The firmness of the skin is worked on daily."

Is it a meridian massage?

Yes and no!

"The work of a facial masseur should not be confused with that of a Traditional Chinese Medicine therapist, or Acupuncturist. Certainly, during the facial massage, we massage the energy channels of the meridians...

...On the other hand, it remains a global approach. It is not a specific work on the meridians! And no, by working on the liver point on the face, we are not going to solve a problem related to the liver and relax it. If it were as simple as that, we would know. And the body is much more complex than that."

"It is true that learning a massage is first and foremost a pleasurable experience because learning is based on this instinctive ability to massage one's fellow man."

The elegant gestures of kobido

"Authentic kobido gestures are Youth at your fingertips!"

Originating from the Asian culture, kobido is performed with authentic gestural techniques, based on percussions and vibrations: a real choreography of the hands that we imagine flying gently, like butterfly wings on our face, with our eyes closed.

It is practiced on the face and more globally from the head to the neck, sometimes up to the shoulders as well as the hands and forearms, with oil or cream. This ancestral face massage has 48 techniques of dedicated gestures, which can be declined and combined, allowing to stretch the skin and to give it back its radiance.

During kobido, both hands have their functions: it is a precise and delicate work, which is carried out with the nails, the edge of the fingers, the back of the fingers and the back of the hand. Palms and thumbs are not used.

How does it feel after a kobido?

The general term "skin" includes the dermis, the epidermis and all tissues, fibrous, muscular, vessels, fatty masses, connective tissue and nerves. We take into account all these elements in our work to improve the beauty of the face.

After a kobido massage, the face is hydrated, toned and energized. The muscles are freed of all their tension and tightness. The massage leaves the face more open and luminous.

The volumes of the face are redesigned, the skin is tightened, the cheekbones are plumped up, which gives a real impression of a natural face-lift.

"Relaxed, you will be ready to face the outside world. You can feel that the whole face has been massaged cm² by cm². The eyelids, eyebrows, cheeks, lips, and the oval of the face have been massaged. The healthy glow effect can last for a few days to a few weeks since the blood has irrigated the entire skin. As a result, the quality of the skin improves. The face has been sculpted, forged as a goldsmith would.

Each session results in a rise in skin temperature, like a sports session, since it increases the rate of blood flow. It gives this sensation of warmth throughout the body, comforting and soothing. More than a facial, kobido offers a stretching sensation and a general state of well-being. It is a method of deep relaxation and acts on emotional tensions. It can be completed by a self-massage performed every day between each session to prolong the youthful and anti-stress effect of the treatment.