Shiatsu on table

Modern life often imposes a frantic pace. Sciatica, back pain, muscular or nervous compression are alarm cries that invite awareness and self-care.

Table shiatsu is a manual, energetic and holistic therapy originating from Japan. It is based on the knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine and can be practiced on the clothed body.

When in pain, the body and mind need to be released from their tensions. Takumi Finch's method is inspired by the best shiatsu techniques and stimulates the body's self-healing abilities. This massage therapy technique is performed using manual trigger point therapy.

The painful points or pressure points are worked by digitopression, with the thumb and the hand. The massage is felt as a "pain thatfeels good". The method also consists of working around a sharp pain so that it releases. Muscles and fascia are stretched. Table shiatsu is a valuable aid in removing energy blockages, improving breathing and providing relief from pain and compression.