Breath of Youth

In Japan, beauty is a reflection of good physical and mental health. The beauty of the soul radiates
the beauty of the body, and is instinctively reflected on the face. Anti-ageing massage with kobido
is a true breath of youth.

Anti-aging massage is like a natural face-lift, reducing expression lines and anxiety. Preventing the signs of aging by taking into account the emotions and the health of the body as a whole is a real gateway to well-being. Anti-ageing massage is a natural alternative to injections that gently combats the signs of time.

Natural Facelift

A symbol of youth, kobido is an anti-aging treatment that relieves muscular tension and sculpts the face.
in its entirety. More than just a wellness massage for the face, it helps restore balance and slows down
skin aging thanks to its toning, soothing and relaxing functions. Thanks to the refined effleurage
of this massage, energy is at its peak: facial skin awakens, the complexion brightens and the eyes

Kobido Massage - Module 2