Takumi Finch

I am Takumi Finch, a master masseur from Asia, mentor, speaker and trainer-consultant, fascia therapist. I divide my time between my consulting room, a centre training center dedicated to facial massage, and my role as an international ambassador. The people who consult me are simply looking to take care of their face and to go through the years with grace!

demonstration camera conference brazil Sandrine Takumi Finch

The path of a therapist

In Japan, the art of touching was passed on to me at a very young age by my grandmother. These are the cultural values that have been imprinted in the depths of my being and that, in the course of my life, have allowed me to question myself on the human being in all its dimensions.

Touch is a non-verbal communication tool that has transformed my vision of the world and my perception of Man. It is then that I chose a life dedicated to justice and to helping people. My desire to better understand human beings led me to study law in order to discover its social dimension.

And then, a few years later, I moved into corporate training, where I became passionate about helping entrepreneurs develop their self-confidence. At that time, I became aware of my relationship with others and developed my sensitivity to human vulnerability.

Who I am

One day, a question came to my mind "What do I really want to do in life? I wanted to continue working on the vulnerability of the human being, by becoming a masseuse, a facial specialist.

Accompanied by master teachers in shiatsu, facial massage and reflexology, my learning and my will have allowed me to find my way, the one that allows me to both transmit and help people feel better.

As a scientist at heart, the idea of getting as close as possible to the person on a mental, emotional, social and physical level thrilled me. From my atypical life path, I have learned resilience, and consider myself a citizen of the world.

What drives me

I take people to where they want to go, no matter what level. I accompany in confidence and benevolence, towards the realization of oneself to become a unique and autonomous well-being therapist, in agreement with himself and with others.

Not to look inside oneself is to run the risk of being influenced and guided by others without being able to be an actor of one's life. This is what I am trying to transmit to my apprentice masseurs, so that they can become therapists who are free to realize themselves and bring well-being to others without judgment.