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Kobido Specialist Training by Takumi Finch


Master Takumi Finch is a Master Masseur and Master Teacher. She uses Japanese art and technique to train facial massage specialists. Take the time to train well to master the art and technique!


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Kobido in the technicity of Master Takumi

Kobido as practiced by Master Takumi is primarily designed for health. It is true that its most celebrated benefit is its excellent capacity to preserve the beauty of the face, to tone and plump up the whole face. It fights against expression lines. 100% Natural, it acts on the skin's slackening and helps fight the signs of aging.

Courses for professional retraining:

You wish to retrain professionally in wellness? Facial massage is a good introduction to massage techniques. Learn the right gestures right away. Join a serious Japanese facial massage training course, based on practice!

Training for professionals and trainers: 

You are active and have built a solid experience in your field. You are of the opinion that themassage techniques are tinged with a more advanced approach of the well-being. Upgrade your techniques, broaden and deepen your knowledge and get involved in our research projects.


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We prepare you for the following professions:

one common core: Specialist Kobido in the technicity of Master Takumi.


A practitioner whose primary mission is to focus on the face and fascias, the connective tissue that covers all of our muscles and organs. It is a technique for relaxing the fibroblasts. Facial therapy relieves blockages, dissipates fatigue and stress.

Artisan-masseur :

Practitioner who applies a set of manual techniques aimed at the well-being of people. Inspired by reflexology and work on the meridians (craniums, face, shoulder...). He/she is able to perform both a well-being massage and a meditative massage. His/her techniques have an action on the aging process of the face and the lymphatic drainage.

Esthetician specialist :

Aesthetic facial practitioner, beauty professional, cream specialist.


Wellness Masseur specialized in facials who works on the firmness of the skin, on the facial muscles and the facial expression. His/her techniques have an action on the aging process of the face. This path is open to non-aestheticians, respecting the care given to beauticians.