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"Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much." Helen Keller

Developing and implementing training courses requires a great deal of effort. Meet our key members, not forgetting the many companies with whom we work in partnership to meet all your educational needs!

Our trainers

Sandrine Takumi Finch
Founder and manager of the Takumi Finch Institute

Educational Director. Courses in Paris, Bordeaux and abroad

Muriel Boutherin
Fascia Education

Institut Takumi Finch certified partner for French-speaking Switzerland

Aurore Pabiszak
Naturo & Ko

Certified partner ofInstitut Takumi Finch for Burgundy

Sylvie François

Certified partner ofInstitut Takumi Finch for Wallonia, Belgium

Monika Wieczorek

International assistant trainer

Operations and marketing

David Finch
Co-Managing Director

Manage the company's operations and business development

Handicap Referent

Nathalie Jeantieu

Training coordination and management assistance

Kumi Kimura

Training coordination

Léa Louchart
Communications Officer

Management and animation of social networks and community management, graphic design

Quentin Walter

Shooting, post-production and management of all video content