Kobido and Japanese therapy trainings

Train as a Kobido Specialist, authentic Japanese massage by Sandrine Takumi Finch

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Kobido Specialist

Kobido Massage Training Full Course

To train high level wellness professionals or people in retraining and accompany them in their professional success. To transmit the Kobido foundations with an emphasis on ethics, deontology and professional practical skills, enabling them to intervene on all types of missions and to support their clients and other health professionals so that they develop their potential for success and achieve their goals.

The Kobido Specialist training is articulated in 2 levels:

  • Level 1: Kobido Practitioner
  • Level 2: Kobido Specialist
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Masterclass Days

Kobido Masterclasses

Our Masterclass Days are incredibly enriching moments of collaboration and are designed to target a specific theme, case study or gesture. They are masterclasses of specialization and are therefore accessible to practitioners already in activity and having experience in massage or Kobido. To obtain the list of themes, contact us.

Buccal Skull Lymphatic Wrinkles Eyes

Back, shoulders and neck training

Kobido training, the complete course

In this training, we will see how to relieve accumulated tension in the back, shoulders and neck area. The massage techniques you will learn will help break the vicious circle of unbalanced health.




The Must! To get there, you must have completed the Kobido Specialist training and have some experience. If you come from another school, your Kobido must be excellent and authentic. The job of a trainer can be learned... Curious? Come and talk to us about your project!