Masterclass Eyes

Prix de la formation : 250 

The particularity of the eye contour is that it is not always a reflection of our health. The appearance of a ring, a pocket or a wrinkle is not necessarily linked to a poor general state of health. They may be the result of weakened structures, aging of the face or a genetic and environmental condition of the internal environment.

Nevertheless, it is possible to rectify these imbalances by acting at the level of the body. In this Masterclass, you will discover how to massage and decongest, with precise and subtle massage techniques, the mobile cutaneous-musculo membrane structures and the palpebral folds.

We will develop your posture as a wellness therapist by providing you with additional advice on how to conduct a treatment, understand your field of intervention and its limits, and answer the questions of the people you treat.

For this training, it is preferable that you already have experience in facial massage.

Our masterclasses are aimed at practitioners with at least 6 months' experience in the massage field, preferably in facial massage techniques.

If you would like to take part in this course and your experience does not match these prerequisites, please contact the Institute before enrolling.

More information

  • Program

    It includes 8 hours of training including 1 day of on-site.

    • To differentiate the different cutaneous, muscular and membranous structures of the mobile eyelids
    • Understanding the aging process of the eyes
    • Visualize the vascularization of the eye
    • Define the limits and scope of massage intervention
    • Develop your posture as a wellness therapist: taking charge of a cure. giving advice for self-massage. Know when to refer the person to other practitioners.
    • Mastering massage techniques on the pocket
  • Learner profile

    • Beauticians
    • Practitioners and wellness therapists
    • Reflexologists
    • Naturopaths
  • Prerequisites

    • Preferred facial specialists
    • At least 6 months' experience in the massage field
  • Location

    Espace Vinci, 2 rue des Jeuneurs,
    75002 Paris

  • Accessibility

    Institut Takumi Finch recognizes and respects the diversity of learners, including people with disabilities. We are committed to providing accessible and inclusive training that enables all individuals, regardless of ability, to participate fully in our training programs.

    If you have specific needs related to a disability, please contact us.