Japanese Therapies

Japanese therapies are a natural treatment process performed by qualified practitioners on an individual to relieve
individual to relieve his or her symptoms. Japanese therapies stimulate the natural healing forces and have curative
and have curative, preventive and palliative benefits.

The kobido method by Takumi Finch is based on a simple and rigorous methodology, and soothes the aches and pains
abdominal or menstrual pain, headaches, fatigue, stress and anxiety, insomnia,
digestive problems, backaches or breathing difficulties that can be relieved by :

The cranial massage
● Belly and facial
● Reflexology
● Herbal medicine
● Kobido

Through Japanese therapies, the kobido method treats the problems of skin aging by taking into account the human being as a whole: his genetic capital, the environment in which he evolves as well as his physical and mental health.

The special feature of the kobido method used in Japanese therapies is the personalization and uniqueness of the sessions. Takumi Finch's kobido massage responds to each individual's ailments with a tailored treatment. Several tools can be used and combined to bring well-being on all levels: physical, mental and emotional.

Kobido can be accompanied byfacialacupuncture and facial yoga to prolong thenatural lifting effect.