Masterclass Skull

Prix de la formation : 250 

In this specialization Masterclass in on-site, dedicated to the cranium, we will first teach you how to release tension in the cranial muscles and fascias, and then how to regulate muscle tone and primary breathing.

Our method will allow you to learn how to switch from a western gesture to the deeper acupressure of Japan.

Our approach to manual wellness therapies is becoming more and more advanced. The solutions and the relaxation it provides are on the borderline between psychology and rehabilitation.

The engineering of this training sequence is based on the understanding of the science of touch in order to personalize your care and to best meet the needs and expectations of the people you care for.

We will focus on developing your sense of touch rather than on reproducing protocols in a systematic way.

Our masterclasses are aimed at practitioners with at least 6 months' experience in the massage field, preferably in facial massage techniques.

If you would like to take part in this course and your experience does not match these prerequisites, please contact the Institute before enrolling.

More information

  • Program

    It includes 8 hours of training including 1 day of on-site.

    • Lifting fascial and myofascial tensions
    • Freeing the cranial breath
    • Master the gestures of mobilization of the structures and release of tensions
    • Understanding the Western and Japanese view of the skull
    • Work on the finesse of its touch
  • Learner profile

    • Beauticians
    • Practitioners and wellness therapists
    • Reflexologists
    • Naturopaths
  • Prerequisites

    • Preferred facial specialists
    • At least 6 months' experience in the massage field
  • Location

    Espace Vinci, 2 rue des Jeuneurs,
    75002 Paris