Stress management 

When an illness, a bereavement, a divorce or even a burn out disrupts a life, the emotions felt can affect the mind but also every cell of the body.

The meditative massage is a real invitation to the meeting with oneself. It brings support and strength, and allows you to step back from stressful situations.

In a state similar to hypnosis, it's a way of surrendering to the gentle, understanding hands of a kobido practitioner, and becoming fully aware of one's breathing. A total reconnection with your body, through a facial massage that addresses all levels of your being - physical, energetic and psychological.

The well-being massage, performed with vegetable oils, offers a sensation of softness and warmth, comforting and soothing. The hands instinctively glide where emotions are blocked. A moment of lightness, unique and spiritual in the heart of oneself.