Buccal Masterclass

Prix de la formation : 350 

This masterclass will teach you how to work the inside and outside of the oral cavity to create a great relaxation and well-being. The gentle touch and manipulations that you will see during the class will allow you to master the strength of your touch in this sensitive area and to let the movement open up on its own.

We assume that there is an interdependence between all the components of the facial bones. As in a gear, the movements of flexion, extension and rotation have an impact on the sensation of opening or closing the oral cavity.

This course will allow you to deepen your work as a masseur, fascialist, reflexologist or aesthetician, therapist in traditional medicine. Experience in facial touch and/or subtle touch is strongly desired to follow this course.

More information

  • Program

    It includes 8 hours of training including 1 day of on-site.

    • Relaxation oscillations and "Still point
    • Discover the intentions of compression and decompression work
    • Knowing how to identify and release tensions in the arch and floor of the mouth
    • 10-step protocol
  • Learner profile

    • Beauticians
    • Practitioners and wellness therapists
    • Reflexologists
    • Naturopaths
  • Prerequisites

    • Preferred facial specialists
    • At least one year of experience in the field of massage
  • Location

    Espace Vinci, 2 rue des Jeuneurs,
    75002 Paris