The Takumi Finch Training Center

The courses of centre Takumi Finch are mainly located in France, in Paris and Bordeaux. The teaching is led by Sandrine Takumi Finch, with the possibility of accompanying her in a learning clinic to practice.

The training structure is flexible because the trainees enrolled in the courses come from different countries and have to travel from far away. For this reason, some trainers make themselves available for the learning of each one.

Courses in Paris and Bordeaux

Take advantage of an exceptional environment where you are surrounded by practitioners and are totally immersed in a centre of care. You eat with the practitioners, you have coffee with the practitioners in order to establish a link, useful for the good realization of your training. You can see the practitioner-consultant relationship from the practitioner's side. For those of you who are already in practice, you have the opportunity to make new connections. We are necessarily in a small group. This is an enriching way to learn, as the intimate effect of the group creates dynamism and diversity.

Retreats in Asia or Japan

Every 2 years, an educational retreat is organized in Asia, most often in Japan. Here again, you are in a small group. This retreat is focused on the discovery and understanding of the culture at the origin of these healing disciplines. It is an opportunity to meet Japanese practitioners-teachers, accompanied by Sandrine Takumi Finch and a guide speaking both languages.