Training for facial massage

Takumi Finch Training centre specializes in the wellness techniques of Japanese facial massage*. We train facial therapists, massage craftsmen, beauticians and facialists, combining the best techniques and elegant gestures. All of them follow a common core of Japanese facial massage. You have the choice of a specialization module.

The 5 stages of assimilation in learning

"He who moves the mountain begins by removing the small stones

It is very important that you learn the massage movements correctly one by one. This will be done in several steps, because it is not possible to learn everything at once. As a trainer, we know that learning a manual art is subject to several stages of assimilation that cannot be deviated from.

Know the 5 stages of assimilation

  1. Unconscious incompetence
  2. Conscious incompetence
  3. Conscious competence
  4. Unconscious competence
  5. The mastery

When you come to centre , you are usually aware that you have a lack of knowledge and that is why you enroll in one of our courses. You are aware that you are in stage 2 of "Conscious Incompetence". This stage also includes the first few months of learning, where you learn the basics and trust the trainers. As you learn and train, you begin to know, to do, but it takes effort to think. You are now in stage 3 of "Conscious Competence". This is also the time when you ask yourself questions and need answers. Finally comes the time when your body language becomes more natural and you don't need to think so much! This is the moment when you let your hands act. This is stage 4 of the "Unconscious Competence".

And finally, after an assiduous period of practice in the office you can reach stage 5 of "Mastery". Of course, you can imagine that this stage will take time and diligence to reach. And that often, you will want to perfect your skills... and start the learning cycle all over again! That's why they say we are eternal students of life.

The stages of assimilation

Pedagogical axes

Our training involves learning physiology, anatomy and the art of instinctive massage. To become a specialist in facial massage, we allow each person to do personal development work in order to understand the posture of the practitioner: listening, benevolence and non-judgmental attitude towards the other. 

  • The understanding of the gestures, the choice and the adaptation to each case
    • A gesture is good. Knowing the effectiveness of the gesture is better 
  • The concepts of Asian philosophy
    • During Takumi Finch trainings we explain in simple and precise terms the Asian principles, such as yin and yang. We explain how to apply them and how they can be used in your massage, and more specifically in your facial. We have chosen this pure approach so that you can share it with your client and she can understand what you are doing.
  • Anatomy and physiology notions
    • The goal is not to overwhelm you with anatomical charts and scientific names. However, it is essential that you can express yourself accurately. You will learn the terminology of certain muscles and we will teach you the correct terms for facial aging. Our vision has often been praised for its relevance and the pragmatic way we appeal to your common sense. We use examples from everyday life.
  • Practical cases to integrate them
    • We are fortunate to have a practice, to be invited to international trade fairs and conferences, or to be part of research projects. We can therefore give you concrete examples of case studies - while keeping confidentiality and respecting people's privacy of course!

E-Learning, on-site and Retreats

We understand that e-learning is not always your preferred choice. You know yourself and you know that learning from afar requires a certain amount of rigor. You prefer someone to correct you immediately. But hear us out - it's true that E-learning for massage cannot do without a complementary course at on-site. However, it does allow us to record professional and formative videos, especially for people who have no choice but to train remotely.

It's also a great time-saving tool: you can untie your hands before coming to class so that we can focus on practice in the classroom.

It allows for a detailed demonstration of each gesture, and allows the trainer to describe each gesture at length or point out errors. Sometimes we don't have all that time to give in on-site.

Lastly, you can keep your videos for future reference.

In some courses we allow you to film the protocols and exercises, and we will even film you to show you your mistakes. So E-learning makes it easy to access knowledge while offering flexibility.

The e-learning course must be completed with residential training in order to put your knowledge into practice. The modules of the program must be followed in order, for the most serene learning experience possible.

Once a year, retreats are organized in order to take time to practice, in addition to meditation and yoga sessions, which will help you to go to the meeting of yourself, and to adopt a posture of therapist.

Additional training

In addition, we also offer short courses. These trainings in meridians, Chinese energetics, facial shiatsu, are of high quality and are designed by experts in their field, but they remain complementary modules, that is to say, designed to diversify your practice, complete your range of care, and apprehend the person in his or her entirety. We also have a " centre of resources ", in order to find good references.

Our values are based on mentoring


"There is no greater reward than to see someone achieve or reach a higher level of evolution. It gives me a very personal inner satisfaction. It is by helping one individual at a time, person by person, that I feel I am an agent of transformation. It is my contribution to a better world. After all, the world, metaphorically speaking, is :

1+1= 3


1+1= 79"

Sandrine Finch


We realize that for some of you, the support will come from the beginning, by reassuring you that setting up as a practitioner is not to be feared. Indeed, most of us in this sector started by practicing in a room at home, then in a part-time rented treatment room, then joined a centre on a permanent basis or sometimes even created an association between practitioners. Throughout your career and whatever your level, we support you.


Our school is based on a foundation and 4 fundamental pillars

The foundation: expertise.

The 4 fundamental pillars : 

  • Our search for technicalities
  • Our development for further results
  • The richness of our courses
  • The involvement of our students