Back, shoulders and neck

Prix de la formation : 1280 

In this training, we will see how to relieve accumulated tension in the back, shoulders and neck area. The massage techniques you will learn will help break the vicious circle of unbalanced health.

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Details of the training

  • Description and Objectives

    Nervous and muscular tension worsens with the accumulation of pain and can become chronic over time. Manual wellness therapies aim at releasing nervous tension and restoring internal harmony. The solutions and the relaxation they induce are at the border between the worlds of psychology and rehabilitation.

    In this training, we will see how to relieve the tensions accumulated in the back, shoulders and neck area. The massage techniques you will learn will help break the vicious circle of an unbalanced health condition.

    The engineering of this training sequence is based on the understanding of the science of touch in order to personalize the care and to respond to the needs and expectations of the persons. Thus we will focus on developing the sense of touch rather than reproducing protocols in a systematic way.

    We will use the recognized techniques of shiatsu, myo-fascia therapy, triggers, as well as work on the release of the breath and the solar plexus.

    An approach to the fundamental principles of Chinese and Japanese energetics will be included in order to address the notion of emotional release. In particular, we will see the bladder meridian and the theory of Yin and Yang.

    To reinforce your knowledge, the examples given in our courses are based on our synthesis of situations encountered in consultations.


    • Learn the difference between epicritic (fine) and protopathic (general) touches
    • To master protocols of techniques to untie the different tensions in the studied areas
    • Search for protocols adapted to the person's needs and expectations
    • Apply basic concepts in understanding how the body works - anatomy, visualization and role of fascia, muscles, insertions and origins.
    • Understand the relationships between impacts, transfers and compensations of pain
    • Organize a follow-up support
      Include the principles of Yin and Yang in its management
    • Know when to refer the person to other disciplines
  • Prerequisites

    Who is this training for?

    • An aptitude for touching, caring and accompanying people
    • Bachelor's degree or 3 years of general work experience
  • Content of the training


    • 50 hours of training
    • 28 hours in on-site
    • 22 hours of e-learning training

    Personal work

    • Plan on 3 to 5 hours of work per week
    • Plan 1 massage per week on a model or friend/family


    • Explanation and use of the different touches
    • Application of the techniques on the back
    • Application of the techniques on the shoulders
    • Application of techniques on the throat and neck
    • Explanation of the principles of Yin and Yang in the personalization of the care
    • Setting up a care and its accompaniment
  • Dates and Locations


    For all dates, please consult the Training Calendar

    Training locations

    • Paris : Espace Vinci, 2 rue des Jeûneurs, 75002 Paris
    • Bordeaux: Vanessa Feuillatte Dance Academy, 24 avenue Saint-Amand, 33200 Bordeaux.
  • Organization

    Pedagogical team

    Takumi Finch, is a Facial Therapist. She is a Master Masseur from Asia and a Master Teacher, Lecturer and Trainer-Consultant, Facial Therapist. She divides her time between her consulting room, a centre training center dedicated to facial massage, and her role as an international ambassador.

    Words from Master Takumi:

    "The Kobido Specialist training provides you with the basic skills needed to be a true Kobido massage specialist. The complete course is designed to combine serious training with a core business and is paced to build a solid foundation of skills. We will make sure that any questions you may have about this technique are addressed. Don't forget! The reason this training takes time is because you need time to repeat the technique to get used to it. I will be by your side, - Master Takumi"

    Pedagogical and technical means, teaching method

    • Private online training spaces with support documents and videos
    • Course material: massage table, stool and other working tools

    Follow-up on the implementation of the training outcome evaluation

    • Alternating exercises, case studies, question and answer sessions
    • Pair and individual work session for learning
    • Remote work session for assimilation and appropriation of the long memory
    • Grouping of acquired knowledge before and after the session
    • Personal Reflection Journal to be completed
    • Attendance control: time sheets on the distance learning course, attendance sheets
    • Continuous assessment: grades on tutorials, participation grades, instructor's comments
  • Accessibility

    We try as much as possible to put in place organizational, technical and human solutions and means to allow any person with a disability to fully benefit from our training courses.

    If you have specific needs related to a disability, please contact us.