Kobido Training - International

Starting in 2023, the Institute will offer its kobido courses in English to meet the demand of an increasing number of students from abroad.

Our training courses take place in Paris, Miami and other locations and venues are planned for later in 2024 and beyond!

Upcoming dates for our international sessions :

Kobido Practitioner

All courses are in English

March 25-31, 2024
Paris, FranceREGISTER
on-site :
May 5-10, 2024
By video: May 26, 2024
Miami, FL,
United States

Sessions in Paris are reserved for students coming from abroad and will be taught in English. Residents of France, Belgium and Switzerland are invited to register for other sessions.

Kobido Specialist

All courses are in English

Sept. 6-10, 2024
Validation: Oct. 20, 2024
ParisDates to be confirmed
Oct. 3-7, 2024
Validation: Dec. 8, 2024
MiamiDates to be confirmed

Sessions in Paris are reserved for students coming from abroad and will be taught in English. Residents of France, Belgium and Switzerland are invited to register for other sessions.

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Details of the training

  • Objectives

    • To train high-level wellness professionals or people undergoing retraining, and support them in their professional success.
    • To teach them the Kobido foundations with an emphasis on ethics, deontology and professional practical skills, enabling them to work on all types of assignments and to support their clients and other health professionals in developing their potential for success and achieving their goals.

    The first level of accreditation is the training of Kobido PractitionerThe second level of accreditation is the Kobido Specialist. They form a total of 182 hours of training, divided into 11 protocols of massage techniques worked in on-site and 30 additional chapters done at home, in autonomy, shot with the team of trainers of the Institute (what we call the asynchronous mode).

  • Kobido Practitioner

    This level 1 includes 106 hours of training including 7 days of on-site with 8 hours of teaching per day, i.e. 56 hours in on-site, 50 hours in e-learning (asynchronous mode). 

    It is based on 6 manual practice protocols, supported by theoretical and explanatory content and, above all, supervision and monitoring by the teacher. 

    • Mastering the techniques of Kobido
    • The practitioner's posture
    • Basic anatomy and physiology
    • 6 intervention protocols
  • Kobido Specialist

    Level 2 includes 76 hours of training, including 5 days of on-site with 8 hours of teaching per day, i.e. 40 hours on on-site, 36 hours off-line (asynchronous mode) with supervision and follow-up by the teacher.

    This level focuses on the application of protocols on the body. The specialist will have the ability to accompany health care treatments dealing with skin symptoms and imbalances,

    • Create care interventions
    • Develop a personalized and evolving follow-up
    • Start the face lift process with the Takumi Finch method
    • Manage your business activity
    • Create personalized treatments with an aesthetic and therapeutic vision: lymphatic, rehabilitation and relaxation, stimulation, 4-step and T-Zone protocols
  • Accompaniment

    Pedagogical team

    Sandrine Takumi Finch, Educational Director. Sandrine Takumi is a Fasciatherapist, lecturer and trainer-consultant. She supervises the quality of the content of the Kobido Practitioner Fasciatherapist training.

    All trainers are certified and have followed a rigorous train-the-trainer .

    Pedagogical and technical means, teaching method

    • Educational pack: training booklet, training head
    • Private online training spaces with support documents and videos
    • Course material: massage table, stool and other working tools

    Follow-up on the implementation of the training outcome evaluation

    • Alternating exercises, case studies, question and answer sessions
    • Pair and individual work session for learning
    • Remote work session for assimilation and appropriation of the long memory
    • Grouping of acquired knowledge before and after the session
    • Personal Reflection Journal to be completed
    • Attendance control: time sheets on the distance learning course, attendance sheets
    • Continuous assessment: grades on tutorials, participation grades, instructor's comments


    • The opportunity to participate in all of our hands-on training visios.
    • A private Facebook group reserved for our small group: Concrete case studies are discussed. A series of video meetings are proposed on complementary techniques or expert videos that allow us to expand our field of possibilities.
    • Visios on our activity, bringing a solution to your problems. They are added as your requests or concerns arise, Your more advanced questions and diversified themes
  • Prerequisites

    The institute selects its candidates during an in-depth telephone interview on the basis of these main criteria:

    • The vision of personal care 
    • An appetite for the science of touch
    • Basic training
    • Professional experience
    • The candidate's personality, motivation, values and strengths
    • The relevance and coherence of its project
  • Certification

    After the validation of Level 1, the Kobido Practitioner certification will be issued. This valid and important certification in the professionalization of a therapeutic wellness practitioner remains a private certification.

    After the validation of Level 1 and Level 2, the title of Kobido Specialist Fasciatherapist will be issued.

    These 2 certifications, Practitioner and Specialist, are delivered to candidates who have completed the entire course and met all the certification requirements. The training lasts between 4 and 6 months depending on the pace of your participation with 182 hours of training at your disposal.

    The validation jury composed of 3 people will verify your technique and your professional project by a continuous validation and an end of training validation. The continuous validation corresponds to 70% of your grade. It is composed of the validation of the protocols of intervention, and a note of participation. The validation at the end of the training corresponds to 30% of your grade. It is composed of a massage of 15 minutes and a training report of 10 pages minimum with 3 case studies.

  • Dates and Locations


    For all dates, please consult the Training Calendar

    Training locations

    • Espace Vinci, 25 rue des Jeûneurs, 75002 Paris
    • standard contact 0142467977.
    • Transportation : Metro Lines 8 and 9 - Bonne Nouvelle, Line 3 - Sentier
    • Access for people with reduced mobility
    • Meals: possibility to eat in the training room. Tea and coffee available, no microwave.
    • Hosting : Consult your usual platforms
  • Accessibility

    We try as much as possible to put in place organizational, technical and human solutions and means to allow any person with a disability to fully benefit from our training courses.

    If you have specific needs related to a disability, please contact us.

Additional information

What is kobido?

Originating from the Asian culture, Kobido is performed with authentic gestural techniques based on percussions and vibrations.


The centre training center is specialized in the well-being techniques of Japanese facial massage*. We train to become a facio-therapist, artisan-masseur, beautician specialist or facialist.


Facial beauty is the highest expression of health. Because with optimal health, the individual radiates physically and internally.